William J. Bonaparte

Piano/Keyboard & Drum Instructor




Mission Statement


My mission as an instructor is to provide students with the easiest method of instruction possible to learn piano and/or drums. I will instruct each student according to their learning style, whether it is being trained classically (reading sheet music, usually beginners) or rote method (playing by ear).

Other areas I will be touching on are music theory, chord reading, improvisation, and how to play in a band.


I have been playing piano and drums since I was a young child. I took formal instruction on piano until I was fourteen. At that time I started learning improvisation, chord reading, and theory.

Currently I play keyboards and drums in my church band.

Music is my passion. It has been a large part of my life since I was young. My desire is to hopefully pass on my knowledge to others and see them enjoy music as much as I do.

Dear Students and Parents...

Welcome to piano/keyboard or drum lessons! I would like to know your goals for your upcoming year. My goals for you are to have fun, enjoy, and make it easy for you to learn. With that said, get your hands and fingers ready.

Payment Policy

  • Lessons are $20 for half hour, $30 for 45 min., and $40 for 1 hour.
  • Payments are made monthly, in advance, regardless of attendance. Music book costs will be included in the following months bill.
  • All students are allowed one credit per semester if they need to cancel. Make up times are available for the current week if my schedule allows.
  • If I need to cancel for any reason or if there is inclement weather, your payment will be credited towards the next month. You will be notified by phone and e-mail if lessons are canceled.